Solar plant in Mozambique starts commercial operation

Solar plant in Mozambique starts commercial operation

Mocuba’s solar power plant, in Mozambique, has started commercial operation with the connection to the national power grid, the Norwegian company Scatec Solar said in a statement in Oslo.

The plant, with a capacity of 40 megawatts, is located on the outskirts of that city of Zambezia province and will provide 79 gigawatt hours of electricity to 175,000 homes in northern Mozambique.

The partners of this venture are KLP Norfund Investments (22.5%), Electricity of Mozambique (25%) and Scatec Solar (52.5%). The 25-year purchase agreement was signed with the state-owned company. Mozambique in October 2016.

The start-up of this power plant has now made Scatec Solar available on four continents with an installed capacity of 951 megawatts and is involved in the construction of more plants with a total of 953 megawatts.

This project cost $ 76 million through a $ 14 million equity investment, a $ 7.0 million grant and $ 55 million in loans.

Source/Image: Macuahub [Portuguese]