Open Source Tools For Renewable Energy Businesses

20 de junho de 2023 por
Helena Macune

EnAccess in collaboration with Mozambican Renewable Energy Association (AMER) invite you to an Open Presentation about the benefits of Open Innovation for Energy Access on 18th, July 2023 at 14:00 - 15:00 CAT/CEST. 
In this one-hour presentation, we will present a portfolio summary of available Open Innovations and talk in more detail about which tools are best for your company to use. An interactive Q&A will allow anyone who joins the live presentation to ask questions. Participants can learn how Open Sourcing innovations in Energy Access helps accelerate the development of the sector and benefit different market players. 

This presentation is free and open to the public. All registrants will get a video replay link to watch shortly after the event finishes. 

Register through the link: HERE! 

Joining from AMER is Ricardo Costa Pereira. Ricardo is a founding member, current President of the Board of the Mozambican Renewable Energy Association (AMER) and has been working for over a decade in the renewable energy sector in Southern Africa, specifically in Mozambique where he has worked for the public sector through the National Directorate of New and Renewable Energies (Ministry of Energy), contributing to a series of regulations and legislative documents on the development of renewable energy.

Joining from EnAccess is Vivien Barnier. Vivien is the Chief Executive Officer at EnAccess. His expertise lies in the financial, business model development, operation, implementation, and regulation of mini-grid projects. He has advised development banks, agencies, governments, and investors on setting up rural electrification programs. As CEO of EnAccess, Vivien leads a team of experts that promotes and supports open innovations to expedite the implementation of decentralized energy systems in rural and peri-urban areas. 

AMER & EnAccess 

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